B.C.’s new soccer star


Steven Beitashour in the blue jersey
Photo by Jason Payne/The Vancouver Sun

B.C.’s new soccer star, Steven Beitashour
Adapted from The Vancouver Sun and The New York Times
by Nila Gopaul
Level 2

Steven Beitashour*, 28,
was born in San Jose, California.
His parents are from Iran.
They moved to the U.S.
in the 1960s.
*say: bayt-uh-shoor

Growing up
Steven always loved soccer.
He was 11 years old
during the 1998 World Cup.
At the time, the U.S. faced Iran
in France.
The family watched the game.
Iran won 2-1.

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The spirit bear


Spirit Bear mother with her cub, 2014
Photo courtesy of River Road Films

The Spirit Bear
Adapted from CBC News by Nancy Carson
Level 3

A creature of legend lives
on the central coast of British Columbia.
This is the only place in the world
where it can be found!
This creature is the Kermode Bear.
It is also called the “Spirit Bear” or “Ghost Bear”.

Raven is an important character in First Nations legends. Photo by

Raven is an important character in First Nations legends.
Photo by Tim Ellis/CC, Flickr

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Best Mayor in the world


Naheed Nenshi in Calgary, Alberta
Photo by Brandon Koger/CC, Flickr

Best mayor in the world
Adapted from CBC News by Nila Gopaul
Level 1

In 2014, Naheed* Nenshi
was voted the best mayor**
in the world.
* say:  nah-heed
** say: may-er – the head of a city or town

Nenshi is the mayor of Calgary.
Calgary is in Alberta, Canada.

Nenshi heard the news
in February 2015.
His birthday is on February 2.
He is now 43 years old.

The news was
a great birthday present.
“I am super happy,”
says Nenshi.

First Muslim mayor
In 2010, Nenshi became
the first Muslim mayor
in Canada.

People say Nenshi works hard.
He is a good listener.
He is a great leader.