A Beanpod from Fernie goes to London

Cacao pods ripening on a treePhoto:  Public Domain

Cacao pods ripening on a tree
Photo: Public domain

Adapted from The Vancouver Courier

Level 3

Fernie is famous for skiing.
The city calls itself a mountain town.
In the winter there is plenty of snow.
The Rocky Mountains are on all sides of Fernie.
Fernie is in southeastern B.C.
Beanpod Chocolate makes its home in Fernie.
Maybe now, Fernie will be famous for chocolate.

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Family Literacy Day – January 27th, 2013

Photo credit: Jonathan Warner (Brimley - Flickr)

Photo credit: Jonathan Warner (Brimley – Flickr)

Family Literacy Day was created by ABC Life Literacy Canada 14 years ago, to raise awareness about how important it is to read to our children. This special day is on January 27th, but some events and activities take place on January 26th.

If you have the chance, stop by a Family Literacy Day event in your area, and you can learn facts on literacy in Canada and get advice on how to make reading time fun for your family. Check the link below to find out where your nearest event is.

The Westcoast Reader will be at Family Literacy Day at the West Vancouver Memorial Library, on January 26th, between 10:30 am – 11 am. CLICK HERE for event details.

Hungry snowy owls return to Tsawwassen

Snowy owlPhoto by Arpingstone, Public domain

Snowy owl
Photo by Arpingstone, Public domain

Adapted from The Province by Nancy Carson
Level 2

Bird lovers are excited.
About two dozen snowy owls
have come back to B.C.’s Lower Mainland
for the winter.
The owls are in Boundary Bay
in the Tsawwassen area.
People have seen them on Vancouver Island, too.

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