Charity events and fundraisers in B.C. – July 2013

A donation box Photo: Kathryn Harper (Flickr)

A donation box
Photo: Kathryn Harper (Flickr)

We all have our pet causes that we support whenever possible.
There are many charity events all across British Columbia that need our donations and our time as volunteers.

Below, you can find a list of several such charity events and fundraisers that will be taking place in B.C. in the month of July.
Please let us know in the comment section if there are other similar events that we can add to this list.

Vancouver FanClub presents Stand Up & Dance
Raising funds for: bringing dance programs to Kenya
Where: 1050 Granville Street, Vancouver
When: July 4th

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Walked the world

Jean Beliveau takes a rest Photo: Kilian Fichou, AFP, Getty Images

Jean Beliveau takes a rest
Photo: Kilian Fichou, AFP, Getty Images

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

Level 1
December 2011

Jean Beliveau was not a happy man.
He needed a change.
On August 18, 2000, Jean tied his shoes and said good-bye.
It was his 45th birthday.
Jean decided to walk around the world for peace.
And he walked, for 11 years.
He travelled 75,000 kilometres and through 64 countries.
Jean slept in jails, in deserts, on mountains and under bridges.
He lived with 1,500 families.
People were very kind to him.
Each year, his wife, Luce, met him.
“I was lucky, I’m still lucky, to have Luce,” Jean says.
In October, 2011, Jean came home to Canada.
He is now a happy man.

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National Aboriginal Day events – 2013


Dancer at an Aboriginal event – July 2012
Photo by: Nila Gopaul

On National Aboriginal Day, June 21st, we celebrate all the Native cultures of Canada: First Nations, Inuit and Métis.

This year, National Aboriginal day coincides with the Summer Solstice.

There will be special events in most communities in B.C., and you can experience traditional music, dancing, crafts and cuisine.

Below is a list of several Aboriginal Day events in British Columbia:

I-Hos Gallery presents National Aboriginal Day
Where: 3310 Comox Rd, Courtenay
When: June 21st

National Aboriginal Day Festivities
Where: 280 Kwah Rd W, Fort St. James
When: June 21st

Aboriginal Day Celebration
Where: Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney
When: June 21st

Aboriginal Day – Nk’mip Desert Cultural Centre
Where: 1000 Rancher Creek Rd, Osoyoos
When: June 21st

Annual Trout Lake National Aboriginal Day Celebrations
Where: Trout Lake Park, Vancouver
When: June 21st

Sharing The Spirit – Aboriginal Day Celebration
Where: Beacon Park Pavilion, Victoria
When: June 21st

NIEEF Charity Golf Tournament – in support of Indigenous Education Scholarships
Where: Sun Rivers Golf Resort, Kamloops
When: June 21st

Aboriginal Day & Summer Solstice Celebration
Where: Tin Wis Best Western Resort, Tofino
When: June 21st

National Aboriginal Day
Where: Hope Memorial Park, Hope
When: June 22nd

Aboriginal Day at Fort Langley
Where: 23433 Mavis Avenue, Fort Langley
When: June 22nd