This week’s festivities: June 26-July 1


“Canada Day Suntan”
(Photo: Christopher Porter / cc, Flickr)

Canada Day is on Tuesday, July 1. Every community across BC will have a celebration. Check your local newspaper or watch for posters in your town.

There are also many other weekend events celebrating what Canada has to offer!

Click on the link below for a sample of things you can do with your family!

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Immigration problem worries Maria


Maria tells Sally about her problem.

Submitted by Nate Prosser, Legal Services Society
Level 3

Maria is a refugee from Mexico.
Maria is scared.
She thinks she might have to leave Canada.

In 2005, Maria came to Vancouver
from Mexico with her two kids.
She claimed refugee status.

Maria and her children stayed
in Canada as refugees.
They became permanent residents.

Maria has a job at a hotel.
Her kids go to school.

In 2012, Maria’s mom got sick.
Maria went to Mexico to care for her.
She stayed for a few weeks.
The next year, she went back to check on her mom.

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