Survivors Totem Pole

Tim Vo Totem poles undergoing carving and on display

An example of totem poles being carved
(Photo: Tim Vo / CC, Flickr)

Level 3

Skundaal is a carver. She is Haida and Coast Salish.

She is carving a special totem pole. The log is 980 years old.
It will honour survivors from the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.
A survivor is someone who has had a difficult life but has remained strong.

The totem pole will be raised in Fall 2014. There will be a great ceremony.
It will be a symbol for community and strength.

Money is being raised for the project. People can donate money to help.
You can watch the video about the totem pole on this website.
You can also donate on the website.

The Global Selfie Project 2014


These signs told where on the earth the picture was taken.
(Photo courtesy of NASA)

Adapted from the NASA website by Patty Bossort.
Level 3

NASA takes pictures of the earth from space.
We learn a lot about the earth from their pictures.

NASA celebrated Earth Day 2014 with the Global Selfie Project.

What is the Global Selfie Project?
NASA asked people all around the world a simple question.
The question was, “Where are you on Earth Right Now?”

Read the PDF and do the exercise

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Happy Eid!


Eid Mubarak
(Photo: Hamed Saber / CC, Flickr)

We wish a happy Eid to our readers and their families!

Eid is celebrated by millions of people across Canada and the world.
It is an important holiday for the Muslim community.
It is a time for prayer, family, and festivity.