Andong Song

Andong Song shakes hands with NHL bosses. Photo by AP-Alan Diaz/the canadian press

Andong Song shakes hands with NHL bosses.
Photo by AP-Alan Diaz/The Canadian Press

Adapted from The Province and
by Nila Gopaul
Level 1

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Reading by Jessica Heafey

Andong Song is 18 years old.

In June 2015, he became
the first Chinese player
in the NHL.

“I am the first,” he says.

Andong started to play
ice hockey in China.
He was six years old.

“I just fell in love with it.”

Andong’s former coach says,
“He learned things very fast.”

Andong wanted to learn
the game well.
So his family moved to Canada.
He was 10 years old.

Andong worked hard.
He practised every day.

Andong is 183 cm tall.
He weighs 73 kg.

“Feels like I’m a star already.”

Andong will play
on the New York Islanders
hockey team.

 NHL – National Hockey League

A bouquet you can eat


Leane Ma holds one of the edible bouquets she made in her store.
Photo by Doug Shanks, WE Vancouver

Adapted from WE Vancouver by Nancy Carson
Level 2

We often visit friends or family for a meal.
Sometimes we take flowers as a gift for the host.
Flowers are nice but they last about a week.
Sometimes we take chocolates.
However, some people do not want to eat candy.
They don’t want their children to have candy, either.
These gifts can be expensive, as well.

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