A dog in Cache Creek

Photo by Nancy Carson
A dog waits for someone to play.

Level 1

My daughter and I
are on a road trip in B.C.
It is the first day of our holiday.
We see beautiful scenery
on the Coquihalla Highway.

Our first stop
We stop in Cache Creek
for the first night.
We want to visit
the famous Hat Creek Ranch.

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Cache Creek
Cache Creek is a stopping place.
People who drive north stop there.
In the 1800s, many men stopped here.
They were going north to find gold.
People now visit to hike, fish, or camp.

Our motel
Our motel is called the Bear’s Claw Lodge.
The lodge is made out of logs.
I park the car in the back.
We take out our bags.
My daughter stretches.
She enjoys the fresh air.
I go into our room.

A surprise
Suddenly, she calls me.
I look out the window.
A dog is standing in front of her.
“Look!” she says.
I think, “Look at what?”

Photo by Nancy Carson
Dog makes the first move

A friendly dog
A dog is playing with a small rock.
He pushes it with his paw.
She is surprised.
He looks at the rock.
He looks at her.
He pushes the rock again.

Maybe he wants to play.
She kicks the rock.
The dog runs to the rock.
He pushes the rock again.
And he waits.
Again and again he plays.
We laugh and laugh.

Photos by Nancy Carson
Another player joins the game

Smart animals
People tell us many dogs like to play soccer.
We will remember Cache Creek.
And we will talk about the dog
who loved to play soccer.