Bus fares go up in 2013


TransLink is increasing fares as of Jan. 1, 2013. Cash fares for one- and two-zone transit fares will go up by 25 cents, and a three-zone fare increases by 50 cents.
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Level 1

On January 1, adults in Vancouver will pay more to use the bus.
One-zone and two-zone fares will go up by 25 cents.
A three-zone fare will go up by 50¢.
From January 1, a one-zone trip will be $2.75.
A two-zone trip will be $4.
And a three-zone fare will be $5.50.
The price of FareSaver tickets stays the same.

Special fares
Fares after 6:30 p.m. will go up by 25¢.
Weekend and holiday trips also go up by 25¢.

Other costs
A DayPass will go up to $9.75.
FareCards also increase.
A one-zone FareCard will be $91.
A two-zone FareCard will be $124.
And a three-zone will be $170.

This is the first fare increase since 2008.
For other information go to www.translink.ca.

Some riders not happy
One woman said, “I am going to buy a bicycle, save money
and get some exercise.”

Another woman said, “I am sick and tired of people wanting
something for nothing.”

But another person said, “How long have we been stuck
at the 90-minute time allowed for our single tickets?”
He is not happy.

A rider is not happy with the Translink service:
“In the Vancouver suburbs, one can easily wait up to one hour
for service, half an hour on busier routes….”

“And you want poor people to find jobs? How are they going to get there?”

Others think a 10% increase would be all right.


A small, 10-cent increase in transit fares would more than cover the extra money needed to preserve transit services, instead of hitting property owners with another tax hike.
Photo by Les Bazso, The Province

4 thoughts on “Bus fares go up in 2013

  1. When I was in North Vancouver
    I bought a concession bus passes and used when i took a bus to school and back home.

    Bus passes are expensive
    The concession bus pass cost 34.00. if i buy bus passes now

    I would be wasting my money and
    I am not using it.


    • Many are overwhelmed by the fare increases at a time when we are all encouraged to take public transport. As a relative newcomer to the city myself, I have had to ask bus drivers so many questions. In every instance, I have found them to be friendly and extremely helpful, watching out for me and making sure I get off at the right stop.
      I know it is not their fault that fares have increased or that routes change suddenly but they get the complaints. It can’t be easy.

    • This increase in bus fare has hurt a lot of people.
      I know a few people who were so fed up that they started to ride their bikes to work.
      Thank you for your commment,

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