Family Day in B.C.

A family relaxes together. Photo by Laity Lodge Family Camp, CC/Flickr

A family relaxes together.
Photo by Laity Lodge Family Camp, CC/Flickr

February 9 is Family Day in B.C.
For people in B.C.,
Family Day is a public holiday.

What do people do?
Many families
spend time together.
Some people go to the park.
Other people watch movies.
Others skate, play hockey,
ski or go to winter festivals.

Family Day became a holiday
in B.C. in 2013.

Events on Family Day

  1. Click here to to see many
    Family Day events
    in B.C.
  2. Click here to see many
    Family Day events
    around Metro Vancouver. 

Canadian Football


B.C. Lions Jordan Rodgers (left) and Travis Lulay during practice in Surrey.
Photo by Arlen Redekop/The Vancouver Sun

This contest is now closed!
Our winner is Tim Thom of Vancouver.
Congratulations, Tim!

He predicted:  Hamilton Tiger Cats and Calgary Stampeders
were the two teams that would play in the Grey Cup. – They did.
He predicted: the Calgary Stampeders would win the Grey Cup.  – They did.
He predicted: the final score would be 25 to 11.  It was 20 to 16.

Tim won a pair of B.C. Lions football tickets!

The game of football
Many Canadians enjoy
watching their favourite football teams
on television at home!
Some Canadians also watch
the games live.

In Canada, football started in the early 1860s.
It started as rugby football.
Later, the game became Canadian football.

The first football match
was a practice game.
It was played on November 9, 1861.
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