Canadian Football


B.C. Lions Jordan Rodgers (left) and Travis Lulay during practice in Surrey.
Photo by Arlen Redekop/The Vancouver Sun

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Many Canadians enjoy
watching their favourite football teams
on television at home!
Some Canadians also watch
the games live.

In Canada, football started in the early 1860s.
It started as rugby football.
Later, the game became Canadian football.

The first football match
was a practice game.
It was played on November 9, 1861.
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Winner of the cutest costume!


Cutest Category Winner of The Westcoast Reader Halloween Photo Contest
Fairy Princess Katherine Li
Photo by Amei Li

The winner of the “Cutest Halloween Costume” goes to … Katherine!
Congratulations, Katherine, for having the cutest costume.
How adorable.
Since Katherine is too young for coffee,
her Dad has made a deal with her.
She gets new bath toys in exchange
for her Tim Horton’s card.
Seems like a fair trade.
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Get to know BC: rain


Wild Pacific Trail Sunset
(Photo: James Wheeler / CC by NC-SA 2.0, Flickr)

Did you know?

The Canadian record
for the most rain on a single day
was set on October 6, 1967:
489 millimetres fell in Ucluelet, BC that day!

In BC, we love to talk about the weather, especially about the rain.
Each region in BC has its own climate patterns.

So many rainy days can be unpleasant.
But all that rain is why we have so many beautiful trees!

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