Wildfires in BC every summer

A forest fire burning near the BC/Yukon border Photo: TranBC, Creative Commons, Flickr

A forest fire burning near the BC/Yukon border
Photo: TranBC, Creative Commons, Flickr

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We have about 2000 forest fires every summer in BC.
Forest fires are also called “wildfires”.Many hectares of forest are lost every year.
Sometimes homes are lost, too.

The wildfire season starts when the forest gets dry in the spring.The fire season ends when the forests get wet from rain and snow in the fall.Wildfires happen in forests and grasslands. Summer and early fall are dangerous times for fires.

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If you see a wildfire, report it.

How can I report a wildfire?
Phone one of these numbers:
*5555 on your cell phone

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Summer in BC

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We hope you will enjoy these videos and photos of summer activities in British Columbia.

Hot summer in BC by Beau Cyphre

Spend time on the beach

Spend time with friends

Have a coffee with friends

Have a picnic

Listen to music outdoors

Don't forget to wear your sunglasses

Take a quiet moment in the sun

Try out a kayak

Enjoy the summer flowers

Eat fresh vegetables

Go for a hike

Get out on the water

Go camping

Have a barbeque

Go for a walk in the woods

Go fishing

Enjoy the sun at the beach

Find things in the creek

Play in the fields

Spend time with friends

Enjoy the sunset


Summer sun safety


Two women chat and enjoy the sun.
Photo by: Dana/CC, Flickr

Summer sun safety
Story adapted from HealthLink BC by Patti-Lea Ryan
Edited by Nila Gopaul
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It is fun to sit or play in the sun.
But, too much sun can be harmful.
We can get sunburned on cloudy days, too.
Too much heat can lead to health problems.
People can get stroke, heat exhaustion,
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