Kayaks: from the old to the new


Andrew in a skin on frame kayak
Photo courtesy of Cape Falcon Kayak

Adapted from Wikipedia and the links below by Nancy Carson
Level 3

Many people in Canada love to be outdoors.
Some like to paddle on B.C.’s lakes or on oceans nearby.
A favorite boat of outdoor people is the canoe.
The word “canoe” came from kenu in the Carib language,
and canoa from Spanish. These words mean “dugout”.
A dugout is a boat made from a log.
Another favorite boat is the kayak.
Kayak is a word from the Inuit people.
It means “man’s boat”.

Reading by: Jessica Heafey

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Beginning October 5 – Translink bus riders get a break


People get on a bus.
Photo by Ric Ernst/The Vancouver Sun

TransLink – bus riders get a break
Adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Nila Gopaul
Level 2

Beginning on October 5, 2015,
bus riders in Metro Vancouver
will pay single fares only
— $2.75 one-way for an adult.
This means you can travel
through two-zone and three-zone areas
and only pay for $2.75.
The price saving will also apply to HandyDart.

Adult passengers for SkyTrain and SeaBus
will still pay the same amount
– $4 for two-zone areas
and $5.50 for three-zone fares.

Did you know?
About 80 per cent of TransLink’s bus riders
travel one zone.

October is National Anti-bullying Awareness Month


A boy shoves another boy into a locker.
(Photo: iStockphoto)

Adapted from bullyingcanada.ca; thebullyproject.com;
and The Vancouver Sun by Nila Gopaul
Level 2

Bullying happens when a person or people
hurt or scare another person,
again and again.

Bullying is wrong.
Bullies want to make a person feel small and powerless.

Here are four examples of bullying:

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