David Booth kissed a grizzly bear


Vancouver Canuck’s David Booth meets a grizzly.
PHOTO: David Booth / Twitter

Adapted from The Province and The Vancouver Sun
Level 1

David Booth plays hockey.
He is a Vancouver Canuck.

Booth went to Abbotsford.
He visited Mark Dumas.
Dumas trains animals.
His animals are in movies.

Dumas trained Billy.
Billy is a grizzly bear.
David Booth and Billy kissed.

Billy weighs 600 pounds.
He is a teenager.
Dumas started training Billy as a cub.

Wild grizzly bears are dangerous animals.
You should stay away from them.

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Celebrate Vaisakhi in 2014


Surrey Vaisakhi celebration
(Photo: Greg Southam / PNG)


Adapted from Sikhiwiki, Wikipedia, and About.com
Level 3

The staff at The Westcoast Reader wishes you a harvest of joy and prosperity!

People of all cultures and religions celebrate Vaisakhi. It is a day of joy, food and entertainment.

Vaisakhi comes from the Punjab region of India. It is a day of parades, music, dancing and sweet treats. It is one of the most colourful events of the year.

People dress up in their best clothes. They sing and dance. There are races, acrobats and folk music. Stalls sell trinkets, crafts and food.

For Sikhs, the festival is religious. For Hindus and Buddhists, it starts the new year. It is harvest time in the Punjab.

In Canada, many towns and cities celebrate Vaisakhi.

In 2013, 50,000 people attended the Vancouver Vaisakhi parade. The Surrey parade is one of the largest Vaisakhi parades outside of India. Over 200,000 people attended the parade and festival last year.

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Successful foster kids: Robert Davidson


Robert Davidson lost BC government support at age 19.
Photo: Ric Ernst / The Vancouver Sun

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun
Level 2

It is hard for foster kids to finish high school. Only 32 percent graduate by age 19.

Foster kids move a lot. They change homes and schools often. This makes keeping up at school difficult.

The BC government stops supporting youth in foster care at age 19. They must start paying for their own costs. Getting a job becomes the most important thing. Going to school is harder.

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