Residential Schools and Reconciliation Resources for teachers

Adapted from and The Vancouver Sun by Nila Gopaul
Residential Schools and Reconciliation Resources

Teachers from around B.C. are meeting
at a conference in Vancouver.
They are reviewing new material.
The material is about residential schools and reconciliation.

What are residential schools?
The residential school system
operated in Canada from 1875-1996.

During this time, about 150,000 aboriginal children
were forced to live at schools.
They were taken from their homes.
At these schools, the children were not allowed
to speak their language.
They could not practice their culture or tradition.
Some of the children were underfed and abused.
These children are called “survivors”.

What is reconciliation?
Reconciliation means the fixing of a broken relationship.
This relationship is between the Canadian government
and aboriginal peoples of Canada.

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