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The front page of the October Westcoast Reader.

The October WCR newspaper has articles about a new judge, tea at the Empress, farmers’ markets, tuition fees for ABE and ELL programs, astronauts, MLAs,  and more …….

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BC Day is August 7

BC Day is on Monday, August 7.
On this public holiday,
British Columbians relax with family and friends.
Many people travel on this long weekend
or camp and enjoy nature.

According to the United Nations,
“BC is the best place in the world to learn, live and play.”

A few facts about B.C.

1. Aboriginal people have lived in the area now known as BC
for more than 10,000 years.


A dance at a Pow Wow in West Vancouver, BC
Photo by Nila Gopaul

2. A bill to begin a BC Day was first introduced in Parliament in 1974.

Flag of British Columbia.svgBC’s Provincial flag/Photo – Public Domain

3. British Columbia is between the ocean and mountains.
The four wavy white and three wavy blue lines on the BC flag
symbolize the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
BC is Canada’s westernmost province.
On the flag, the sun is setting.

The Union Flag on top reflects BC’s British heritage.
The crown in the centre symbolizes the Canadian Royal Family.

4. BC’s provincial mammal is the Spirit Bear.
Click here to read The Westcoast Reader story on the Spirit Bear.

5. BC’s provincial flower is the Dogwood.
The dogwood is on the front page of The Westcoast Reader newspaper.

A dogwood flower Photo by Bruce McKay/CC, Flickr

The dogwood is a flower native to BC.
Photo by Bruce McKay/CC, Flickr

6. The longest river in B.C. is the Fraser. It is 1,399 kilometres long.

Lillooet townsite and the Fraser river Photo by Colin J. McMechan/CC, Flickr

Lillooet townsite and the Fraser River
Photo by Colin J. McMechan/CC, Flickr

7. BC is about 10 percent of Canada’s land surface.

8. Only 30 countries in the world are bigger than BC.

9. Many movies are made in BC.
BC is North America’s fourth-largest film and television production centre.

Click here to read many more facts about B.C.

Originally written by Nila Gopaul and posted summer 2015.

Updated for 2017 by Patty Bossort.

Wildfires in BC every summer

A forest fire burning near the BC/Yukon border Photo: TranBC, Creative Commons, Flickr

A forest fire burning near the BC/Yukon border
Photo: TranBC, Creative Commons, Flickr

Level 3

We have about 2000 forest fires every summer in BC.
Forest fires are also called “wildfires”.Many hectares of forest are lost every year.
Sometimes homes are lost, too.

The wildfire season starts when the forest gets dry in the spring.The fire season ends when the forests get wet from rain and snow in the fall.Wildfires happen in forests and grasslands. Summer and early fall are dangerous times for fires.

Read the PDF.

If you see a wildfire, report it.

How can I report a wildfire?
Phone one of these numbers:
*5555 on your cell phone

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