Students write to a newspaper


A traffic jam in Vancouver
Mark Woodbury/Flickr

Submitted by: Jennifer Partridge, West Point Grey United Church,
ESL teacher

Jennifer Partridge’s students wrote letters to a newspaper.
They wanted to write about Vancouver’s traffic problems.
The learners also wanted to talk about solutions.
Here are three of their letters:

Think about what issues affect your community.
Write to your mayor or city council or local newspaper.
Jennifer’s class did!

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The Virgin of Guadalupe – Patron Woman Saint of Mexico


This painting hangs in the Basilica de Guadalupe.
(Photo: Esparto Palma / CC, Flickr)

Submitted by Javier,
Hastings Learning Centre, Hastings Racecourse, Vancouver

The Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego for the first time on December 9th, 1531. She appeared on the mountain of Tepeyac when he was walking in the direction of the church to visit his uncle, Juan Bernardino, who was gravely ill and was not recovering his health.

Juan Bernardino received a spiritual healing from the Virgin of Guadalupe, and he recovered his health. The Virgin asked Juan Diego to build a church on the Mountain of Tepeyac where the ground was flat and the hills of the mountain would protect the church.

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How to make apple butter


Ready to eat!

Adapted from wikiHow
Level 2

ELSA students at the Collège Éducacentre in Vancouver made apple butter.

The students peeled, cut and boiled apples.

They poured in honey.

They added cinnamon and cardamom.

They canned the apple butter.

Each student got a jar of apple butter to take home. It was the most delicious English lesson of the year!

Would you like to make apple butter?

Follow the recipe described in the PDF. It is easy!

Read the PDF and do the exercise