LINC students help the people of Fort McMurray

class 1

The Burnaby School District LINC 1 class sent a cheque for $740.16 to the Red Cross to help in Fort McMurray. Photo – Rachel Spence


Carolyn Moi was sad. She watched the news. In May, a huge wildfire burned Fort McMurray. People lost their homes.

Carolyn had an idea

Carolyn is a teacher for the Burnaby School District. She teaches an adult LINC 1 class.

Carolyn’s class wanted to help the people from Fort McMurray.

At the same time, the class was learning about Canada’s money. The LINC 1 class wanted to help people from Fort McMurray and learn more about Canadian money.

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Diamond Poems


Photo by Enokson/CC, Flickr

We are a class of LINC 4 students with the Immigrant Welcome Centre
in Nanaimo B.C.

Every month we study The Westcoast Reader,
and we noticed that there was a poetry contest last month.

We would like to submit some poetry of our own
done in the ‘diamante format’.
These poems are in the shape of a diamond.

The format is as follows:
2 Adjectives
3 verbs +ing
4 nouns (two referring to the top noun and two referring to the bottom noun)
3 verbs +ing
2 Adjectives

Submitted by Maggie Wouterloot, LINC Instructor

Diamond Poems

Cute, smart
Acting, studying, growing
School, park, family, life
Working, driving, reading
Kindly, serious
by Shirley, China

Smiley, kind
Smiling, working, cooking
House, garden, car, motorcycle
Drinking, cleaning, watching
Unkind, generous
by Nam Hee, S. Korea

Motherly, peaceful
Caring, working,
Enthusiasm, goodness, earnestness, gentleman
Contending, competing, staying silent
Brave, militant
by Jun Jie, China

Friendly, helpful
Eating, walking, fishing
Mountains, rivers, cities, farms
Raining, enjoying, eating
Happy beautiful
by Parbjhot, India

Green, beautiful
Planting, seeding, budding
Flower, bud, leaves, mountains
Harvesting, raining, falling
Red, windy
by Jin, S. Korea

Yellow, red
Walking, climbing, traveling
Water, light, shadow, night
Watching, eating, reading
White, blue
by Mary, China

Blue, big
Resting, feeling, listening
Trees, firewood, cement, bricks
Working, ordering, speaking
Grey, small
by Gwui, S. Korea

Fatherly, strong
Working, silencing,
Clean, smile, soldier, fight
Talking, working,loving
Honest, motherly

Gentle, beautiful
Reading, working, traveling
Independence, equality, protection, responsibility
Braving, loving, fighting
Free, intelligent
by Julia, China

Young, old
Walking, watching, running
Love, dirt, energy, strength
Sporting, smoking, driving
Gentle, polite
by Ferideh, Iran

Rainy, windy
Falling, pouring, drizzling
Umbrella, water, snowmen, santa
Snowing, freezing, falling
Icy, snowy
by Sara, China

Bike education

Jafar Eshraghi, middle, and his wife and daughter Photo by Rachel Stenberg

Jafar Eshraghi, middle, and his wife and daughter
Photo by Rachel Stenberg

Bike education
Story by Jafar Eshraghi, LINC student
Illustrations by Nola Johnston

Windsor Neighbourhood Learning Centre,
in collaboration with HUB Cycling,, organized two biking events this past summer.

All LINC students and their families were eligible,
so my wife, my daughter and I decided to join
the “How to Ride Safely on the Road” class.

On July 21, 2015, we started by learning
about “ABC Quick Check”. Before getting on a bike,
it is important to do this safety check.
It takes about 10 seconds. A is for air. B is for brakes.
C is for cranks, chain and cassette.
(See a video on “ABC Quick Check” below.)

After that, the instructors divided us
into two groups. In our group, we learned
many things about traffic regulations
and bike riding in Vancouver.

We learned about hand signals, shoulder checking,
changing gears, and so on.

On July 28, 2015, during the second session,
we actually rode our bikes in traffic.
We also completed a survey.

It was a great experience and one of our best memories
in Canada so far!

Thank you to our school, to Heather and Eric,
our biking instructors, and Stephanie from SFU.

Use hand signals


Left turn


Right turn



Cycle in a straight line

safe bike passing2

ABC Quick Check