Students talk about their volunteer experiences

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Submitted and written by Carrie Jung,
Instructor in the English for Academic Purposes
Capilano University
Photos by Richard Berwick • Videotaping by Hugh Soulis • Interviews by Vilien Chen
Video editing and layout by Nila Gopaul

Capilano University
Capilano University is located in North Vancouver.
Many students from different countries
come to this university to study.
Some students come to study English
in a program called “English for Academic Purposes” (EAP). 

For Feras, doing volunteer work is very important.
He says that if you help
other people, one day,
other people will help you.

Students in the EAP program
The students in the EAP program
must join special activities,
go to workshops outside of their classes,
or do volunteer work.
These kinds of activities are called Community Engagement.
They help students meet new people and enjoy new experiences.

Activities for students
Some of these activities take place at the university.
For example, in September,
there is a Student Orientation meeting
to give information about student life at the university.
In October, to celebrate Halloween,
students can go to the university Halloween party.
They can also go to Student Success workshops
to learn tips about studying.
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Norooz with Saha


The “haft-seen” table at Saha’s house
Photo by Saha Mousavi

Submission by Saha Mousavi 
Saha is now in Grade 8 at Magee Secondary School in Vancouver.
She wrote this story while she was
a Grade 6 student at Vancouver’s Lord Roberts School in 2013.

The word Norooz means “the new day” in the Persian language.
Norooz is the name of the important Iranian
or Persian New Year in the Persian calendar.
People of 13 other religions also celebrate this holiday.
The holiday goes on for 13 days.
People come to visit your home.
The kids get gifts for the New Year.

Reading by Saha Mousavi

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Students write to a newspaper


A traffic jam in Vancouver
Mark Woodbury/Flickr

Submitted by: Jennifer Partridge, West Point Grey United Church,
ESL teacher

Jennifer Partridge’s students wrote letters to a newspaper.
They wanted to write about Vancouver’s traffic problems.
The learners also wanted to talk about solutions.
Here are three of their letters:

Think about what issues affect your community.
Write to your mayor or city council or local newspaper.
Jennifer’s class did!

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