Photo by Ana Gheorghiu
Curly at the park in North Vancouver

Level 1

Curly is ten years old.  She is a Cocker Spaniel.
We meet Curly and her owner in the park.
We look at Curly.  Curly looks sad.
Her hair is very, very short.  We ask why.
Her owner says the dog had a bad time last week.

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The owner tells the story.
It is a week ago.  Curly chases a skunk in the park.
The skunk is scared.  He turns.  Then he sprays her!
Skunks looks cute.  They are cute. They look like toys.
But skunks are wild animals.
No one should chase them.

Curly smells very bad.
After, her owner gives her a bath.  Then another bath.
And another.  Curly has six baths in one week!
The smell does not go away.  Then Curly’s owner has an idea.
He puts tomato juice in the next bath.
Tomato juice takes away the bad smell.
Nothing helps.  So, Curly’s owner gets another idea.
He cuts Curly’s hair.

A question
We ask Curly’s owner a question.
Can we take a picture of her?
He says, “Yes.”
We thank him. We show Curly The Westcoast Reader.
Then we hug her.