A different kind of library book

The Librarian, by Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1566)/Public domain image

The Librarian, by Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1566)
(Image of painting: Public domain)

Vancouver has a creative arts festival during winter called the PuSh Festival. It is happening right now until February 2nd.

There are many interesting shows for many different tastes. One of the free events is the Human Library.

You can go to the Vancouver Public Library’s Central Branch in downtown Vancouver and sign up to ‘borrow’ an interesting person just like you would borrow an interesting book.

There is a variety of personalities to choose from. Some of these people may seem very different from anyone you know. When you sit down with your ‘human book’ you can have an interesting conversation.

Sometimes, we don’t understand why a person thinks or feels differently than we do. The Human Library is a great way to learn about people and cultures.

The Human Library is open:
January 24-26 + January 31-February 2, 2014
12:00PM – 5:00PM
Vancouver Public Library Central Branch
3rd Floor, 350 West Georgia Street