Interview with writer Ruth Kozak

WCR: What happened next?

RK: I gave up writing after I got married. I followed my husband to Edmonton, became a housewife and started a family. We had two children. My husband wasn’t taking my writing seriously, so the only time I could do it was at night. I remember feeling so frustrated that I almost threw my typewriter away. So I gave up writing and took up painting instead, to satisfy my creative urges.

WCR: I understand you are also a prolific travel journalist. I did pay attention at the bus stop, you know.

RK: I started publishing travel articles in the 80’s in The Globe and Mail. My kids were grown up, so now I could travel freely. The first story I sent out sold well, so I thought, hmm, I could really do this thing. And I’ve been doing it since. I have also been teaching travel writing classes at the Vancouver School Board Continuing Education since 1994.

I wrote for The Vancouver Guide, PlanetEye Traveler, Europe Up-Close, Senior Living, among others, and now I have my own travel writing site, It’s very exciting because I get submissions from all over the world, even from places like India or Azerbaijan. NEXT PAGE