Interview with writer Ruth Kozak

WCR: Do you find it hard to freelance? What advice would you give a freelancer?

RK: It is VERY hard. You have to have something else that pays the bills; you can’t rely solely on freelancing. When I started out, I would get $100 per story. Now you’re lucky if you get $20.You have to be very dedicated, but you also have to know where to draw the line. In my travel writing classes, I always tell my students: “You can’t be giving stuff for free all the time. That’s why you’re not getting paid, because you keep giving stuff away.”


Ruth lecturing at the Surrey Museum

WCR: How many countries have you visited?

RK: Let’s see… Greece, Macedonia, England, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Chile, Cuba, Turkey, Germany, Italy, France, Argentina, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Morocco and what was then Czechoslovakia. I was very lucky in this regard.

My biggest regret is not having seen Egypt, but I’m still hoping. I want to take a jeep safari there and visit Alexandria. It’s all under the sea now, but I would love to simply stand there and imagine it. NEXT PAGE