Interview with writer Ruth Kozak

WCR: Time to talk about your book. As I understand, you have just finished your main project, Shadow of the Lion, about Alexander the Great.

RK: To be precise, the action of the novel takes place at the time of Alexander’s death. It actually deals with the aftershocks of his death: who will get to rule, and at what cost? It’s about how corruption, political intrigue and power struggles lead to the fall of his empire.

WCR: How long did it take you to finish it?

RK: I worked on this book for twenty-two years. Yes, twenty-two, since 1990… It’s my life’s work. When I finished it, I couldn’t believe it. I even had a wrap party at a Greek restaurant here.

It was hard when I began the editing process and I had to start cutting. You get attached to your work. But now it’s all done, and I’m hoping to have it published soon. That is now up to the editors, but I am also prepared to self-publish, if need be. I don’t feel like I have five-ten years to wait to see it in print.

WCR: We are looking forward to seeing it published as well, and we have no doubt that it will receive plenty of interest. Mrs. Kozak, thank you for your time and for this wonderful conversation.

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