Francesca Pagliotti, left, Zoe Gee and Aija Tso are knitting.
Photo by Ric Ernst/The Vancouver Sun

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Nila Gopaul
Level 1

Grandmother, mother and daughter
love to knit.
Francesca, Zoe and Aija
have a knitting store.
The store is called Three Bags Full.
The store opened in 2006.
It sells knitting needles. It sells yarn.

Knitting is popular again
Many people come to the shop.
Grandmothers are customers.
Teenagers go into the shop.
Some men knit, too.
“Knitting helps them relax,”
says Francesca.

How to start knitting

As shopkeepers for help.

Ask shopkeepers for help.


Buy one or two balls of yarn and two pairs of knitting needles.


Choose your yarn carefully.


Get the right knitting needles.


Get a yarn needle.


Keep everything in one bag. Take a knitting lesson.

Illustrations by Nola Johnston

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