My first Christmas tree – Audio


Saha in front of her first Christmas tree
Photo by: Saeid Mousavi

My First Christmas Tree

Reader submission by Saha Mousavi – Vancouver, B.C.

I bought my first Christmas tree at Canadian Tire. When we went inside there were sooo many trees sparkling at us with their lights! There were big trees, small trees, pudgy trees and skinny trees.

We finally chose a tree. It was normal, not too big, or too small. After, we also got some decorations for the tree.

I made a snowman using little foam balls and pipe cleaners, too. I am going to give it to my teacher.

My favourite thing on the tree is a gingerbread lady. She has a present in her hand. She also has a little gingerbread lady in her tummy.

I have made the star on top of our tree by myself. I used pink modelling clay.

This Christmas my mom and I made a chocolate banana cake. It tasted very good.

At Christmas my parents or Mr.Claus gave me a pair of shoes, a little puzzle and $50.

I had a great time this Christmas!

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3 thoughts on “My first Christmas tree – Audio

  1. Happy Holidays, Azin!
    Thank you for the New Year’s wishes as well.
    I hope to see you soon.

    Warm thoughts and thanks for being such a great fan of The Westcoast Reader. We love reading your comments!

  2. It seems that many people had a good and happy Christmas. I hope everybody have a nice and wonderful year ahead.

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