Crisis in Syria


Syrian refugees wait in Lebanon.
Photo by Mohamed Azakir/The World Bank

Crisis in Syria
Adapted from The Vancouver Sun, CBC News,
CNBC, and Aljazeera America by Nila Gopaul

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Reading by Corey Muench

Civil war started in Syria
in 2011. The war continues today.
Over 100,000 people have died.

Syria is a country in western Asia.
Its population is 22.5 million.
About 5,000 Syrians leave
their country each day.

Over 4 million Syrian refugees
are in neighbouring countries, such as Turkey and Lebanon.
Thousands of Syrian refugees also cross into Europe.

Both Canada and the U.S.
each promised to resettle
10,000 Syrians by September 2016.

In 2014, about 23,000 refugees came to Canada.

B.C. Premier Christy Clark
promised $1 million to help community groups
settle Syrian refugees in B.C.

Map of Syria

Map of Syria/CC, wikimedia


  1. crisis –  a time of great danger
  2. civil war – a war between citizens of the same country
  3. refugees – people who are forced to leave their country
    in order to escape war or a natural disaster.

New information
Canada’s new Liberal government will bring
10,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of this year.
Another 15,000 refugees will come by the end of February.

B.C. is expecting 3,000 Syrian refugees
in a few weeks.

Metro Vancouver, Kelowna and Kamloops
say they are ready to receive these refugees.
Vernon, Armstrong and Salmon Arm in the B.C. interior
are preparing to sponsor Syrian refugees, too.

How old is a lobster?


Photo by Roberto Rodriguez, Public Domain

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Nancy Carson
Level 1

Now scientists know
the age of a lobster.
They count the lobster’s rings.
We do this with trees.
We count the rings in the wood.

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The spirit bear


Spirit Bear mother with her cub, 2014
Photo courtesy of River Road Films

The Spirit Bear
Adapted from CBC News by Nancy Carson
Level 3

A creature of legend lives
on the central coast of British Columbia.
This is the only place in the world
where it can be found!
This creature is the Kermode Bear.
It is also called the “Spirit Bear” or “Ghost Bear”.

Raven is an important character in First Nations legends. Photo by

Raven is an important character in First Nations legends.
Photo by Tim Ellis/CC, Flickr

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