Dyeing brown grass green


Craig Lundy watches as Kyle McDiarmid makes brown grass green.
Photo by Ric Ernst/The Province

Dyeing brown grass green
Adapted from The Province and The Vancouver Courier by Nila Gopaul
Level 2

The weather is very dry this summer.
Lawns are turning brown.
There are water restrictions all over B.C.

These lawns are not dead.
They will turn green again in the fall
with the rain.

Some people do not like
brown lawns.
They think the colour is ugly.
They think the grass is dead.

Now these people can have green lawns
without using water.
More than 20 companies in B.C.
can turn lawns green.
Some companies say they use
non-toxic dye.
They say the dye is safe for
children and pets.

“This is a multi-million-dollar business
in California,
because of the severe drought,” says Craig Lundy.
He operates Imperial Painting
with his wife.
The couple dyes many lawns.

Movies sets and realtors have used
this dye for many years.
The colour lasts up to 12 weeks.
The cost? About $250 on average.

An octopus “sees” with its skin


A two-spot octopus explores a jar.
Photo by Nathan Rupert/CC, Flickr

An octopus “sees” with its skin
Adapted from cbc.ca by Nancy Carson
Level 2

Cover the eyes of an octopus
with your hands.
Or put a blindfold over its eyes.
It will not be blind!

New Study
Researchers studied pieces of skin
from a California two-spot octopus.
Octopus skin is different from its eyes.
The skin cannot see details.
But the skin notices changes in light.

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The tiny ferries in False Creek


The Aquabus docked at Granville Island
Photo by Taz/CC, Flickr

The tiny ferries in False Creek
Adapted from Wikipedia by Patti-Lea Ryan
Level 3

Looking for something fun to do?
Why not try one of the little ferries in False Creek.
The Aquabus and False Creek Ferries offer short ferry rides.
Both companies also offer mini cruises around False Creek.

People enjoying their ride on the Aquabus Wendy Cutler/CC, Flickr

People enjoying their ride on the Aquabus
Photo by Wendy Cutler/CC, Flickr

People take the ferries:

  • To have fun and see Vancouver sights on the water.
  • To get from one stop to another quickly.
  • To get to work. For some people the ferry is a handy way to travel.

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