Submit a Lesson Plan

The Westcoast Reader invites all teachers and tutors to share lesson plans, tips and ideas.

The lesson plans don’t have to be long. One paragraph will do, or one page on a successful lesson idea you prepared before handing out The Westcoast Reader to your learners.
You can draw inspiration from any source you see fit, but remember to also check out The Westcoast Reader Teachers’ Notes.
Any visual aids that you submit must be sourced/credited.

Email address:
Note: Put the words “Lesson Plan” in the email subject.

Our Teachers’ Notes
We want to remind you that, from September to June each year, the print edition of The Westcoast Reader includes Teachers’ Notes.
On Page 1, we suggest background reading, ideas and activities for lesson plans for teachers.
On Pages 2 to 4, learners can try several exercises based on the articles themselves. The answer key to these exercises is on Page 1.
Please feel free to download and photocopy the Teachers’ Notes, found in the For Teachers section of our website.

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