Chinese-only signs in Richmond


Business signs in Richmond, B.C.
Photo by Richard Lam/The Province

Chinese-only signs in Richmond
The debate
Adapted from The Province by Nila Gopaul
Level 3

Listen to “Chinese-only signs in Richmond”– Level 3
Reading by Nila Gopaul 

The city of Richmond has
a population of 200,000.
The city has a large ethnic Chinese population.
About 50 per cent of residents
are ethnic Chinese.
About 30 per cent are whites.
Eight per cent are South Asians.
Seven per cent are Filipinos.

Since 2013, Richmond has been debating
Chinese-only signage.
Many residents are unhappy
with Chinese-only signs, flyers, posters and ads
on bus shelters, stores and businesses.
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The shop that cuts for charity


Iveta and Anna in their barber shop, downtown Vancouver
Photo by Ian Lindsay/The Vancouver Sun

The shop that cuts for charity
Adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Nancy Carson
Level 2

Iveta, 47, and Anna, 37, live in Vancouver.
And they cut hair. They cut men’s hair.
“No women, no children. Just men,” Anna said.

A shop for men
The shop has two TVs. The TVs show sports.
The walls have photos of hockey players.

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Canada’s first aboriginal arts hotel

Skwachàys-Lodge-aboriginal arts hotel

The front of Skwachàys Lodge
Photo – Jenelle Schneider/The Vancouver Sun

Canada’s first aboriginal arts hotel
Adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Nila Gopaul
Level 3

Skwachàys* Lodge
in Vancouver is Canada’s
first aboriginal arts hotel.
The lodge has 18 rooms.
*say:  skywatch-eyes

Six aboriginal artists and six
designers worked on the rooms.
Each room tells a different story.
Rooms start at $99/night.

Guests can experience
aboriginal culture.
They can visit the art gallery
and sweat lodge.
The kitchen serves foods from
different First Nations.

The Vancouver Native Housing Society
owns and runs the hotel.
There are also 24 apartments
for aboriginal artists.


  1. Learn about more about the hotel (video).
  2. See inside the hotel here (lodge website).