Solly’s cinnamon buns go around the world


Solly’s cinnamon buns, Vancouver
Photo courtesy of Jenn Chic, WE Vancouver

Adapted from WEVancouver by Nancy Carson
Level 2

Leah Markovitch owns Solly’s in Vancouver.
Solly’s is a bakery and deli.
The bakery makes Jewish baking.
They serve soup and sandwiches, too.
You can sit down. You can have a snack.
Or you can eat a nice lunch.

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A good business


Jason Vanderveen sits on hay.
Photo by Jason Payne/The Province

A good business
Adapted from The Province by Nila Gopaul
Level one

Listen to “A Good Business”– Level 1
Reading by Jessica Heafey

Jason Vanderveen has
a very good business.
Vanderveen Hay Sales
is in Surrey, B.C.

Every day, it gets many calls.
Farmers call to buy hay.
They use the hay to feed
their animals.

Summer 2015
Farmers in B.C. make
two million tons of hay
every year.
One ton is 1,000 kilograms.

But last summer, B.C. had
very little rain.
Hay was difficult to grow.
There were many wildfires
and grasshoppers.

A grasshopper Photo by iStockphoto

A grasshopper
Photo by iStockphoto

Grasshoppers like hot, dry weather.
Six grasshoppers can eat
as much hay as one cow.

Jason is lucky. Why?
He has a lot of hay.

B.C. Subway opens 400th restaurant


Manager Angela Alvano shows a Subway sandwich.
Photo by Ric Ernst, The Vancouver Sun

B.C. Subway opens 400th restaurant
Adapted from The Vancouver Sun and
by Nila Gopaul, 2013, Level 2

Subway restaurants are successful in B.C.
Recently, the 400th Subway store opened in Vancouver.
The restaurant is near Rogers Arena.
An arena is an indoor sports place.
The Vancouver Canucks hockey team plays there.
It is a good place to put a Subway restaurant.
Many hockey fans are hungry before or after hockey games.
Subway stores are in 104 communities in B.C.
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