Announcing the 2014 writing contest winners!

When I'm older. (Photo – INDY.CA / CC, FLICKR)

“When I’m older”
(Photo – INDY.CA / CC, FLICKR)

The 2014 Write a Story contest was a great success! We received 179 stories!

Stories came from all over BC. Readers sent stories from places like

Vancouver, Port Alice, 100 Mile House, Victoria, Fort St. James, Kamloops, and Prince George!

Your stories were so good it was hard to decide on winners.

The writers:

  • Alberto Holtz from Osoyoos wrote The Real Me. Alberto’s story will be posted here on June 9.
  • Marwa O’da from Burnaby wrote Precious Moments. Marwa’s story will be posted here on June 11.
  • Bobbi Earl from Summerland wrote A Childhood Phase. Bobbi’s storywill be posted here on June 13.
  • Stella Kong from Vancouver wrote A Big Hug. Stella’s story will be posted here on June 16.

The teacher:

  • Mira Waliszewska is a teacher at Kwantlen Park Secondary School. She helped 29 learners enter the contest.

Each winner received a coffee card to their favourite coffee shop for $10.00.

Thank you to all who sent stories. Many of the other stories will also be published. They will be posted on this website in July and August.

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Write a story! Win a prize!-CONTEST CLOSED

When I'm older. (Photo – INDY.CA / CC, FLICKR)

“When I’m older…”
(Photo: / CC, Flickr)

Level 3

Write a story for The Westcoast Reader and win a prize!

Announcing a writing contest for learners
Deadline:    April 15, 2014

Note: amended guidelines!

Here’s how to enter:
Write a story.
Use up to 150 words.
You may add a picture or drawing. A picture is not necessary to enter. It is optional.
Email us:

  • your story
  • your entry form
  • your picture (optional)
  • a permission form for people in your picture (if including a photo).
Complete contest information and forms

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