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Front page of The Westcoast Reader newspaper — December 2018 issue. The December WCR newspaper has articles about two millennials joining city council, Gia Tran donating money from recycling, a broken marathon record, and more…

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The Canada 150 Photo Contest winners!

Congratulations! The winners of the Canada 150 contest are….

How will you remember Canada’s 150th birthday? Enter this WCR photo contest.

What did you do to celebrate?
                                                              Photo: Pixabay

On July 1, 2017, the country of Canada was 150 years old.

Send us your favourite photo of you celebrating in Canada.

  1. Write a caption (one or two short sentences) about the photo.
  2. Please answer these questions and send the answers with your photo.
    What is your name?
    What is your phone number?
    May we print this photo in The Westcoast Reader or post it on Answer yes or no.
  3. Email your entry to [email protected]

Three winners will be chosen. The winning photos and captions will be published in the November issue of The Westcoast Reader. All acceptable entries will be posted on our website.