Beaver tails


Beaver Tail! 
(Photo: WordRidden / CC BY 2.0, Flickr)

I Speak Canadian is a new occasional feature. We will introduce words and phrases often used by Canadians.

A beaver tail is the name
of a Canadian pastry.
It was first introduced in Ottawa.

It is a flat, flaky, fried pastry.
The dough is stretched
into the shape of a beaver tail.
Then, it is deep-fried.

Toppings are added,
such as maple syrup, powdered sugar
and cinnamon, or fruit.

Beaver tails are a very popular treat to eat at a summer fair.
You can make beaver tails at home!
Follow this recipe.

Food carts in B.C.


A food cart is also called a food truck.
(Image: Mark Faviell / CC, Flickr)

All over the world, local people eat food served from a cart on the street.

In North America, eating from food carts, or food trucks,
is a very popular activity.
There are even festivals that celebrate this kind of food.

The food in Canada isn’t as cheap as in many other countries.
And the food is sometimes strange. But it is often very tasty!

You can visit food cart festivals in Metro Vancouver in the summer.
There are also vendors, live music, kids activities, and more to explore.

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Chocolate chip cookies are a Canadian favourite


Classic chocolate chip cookies
(Photo: TRPNBLIES7 / CC, Flickr)

Adapted from wikiHow
Level 2

Who invented the chocolate chip cookie?

Ruth Wakefield invented the chocolate chip cookie in 1924.

Ruth and her husband ran a tourist lodge. Ruth made very good desserts for her guests.

One day she did not have powdered cocoa for her favourite cookie recipe. Instead, she found a chocolate bar. She cut it up in small pieces.

She thought the pieces would melt.


Chocolate chip cookies are yummy!
Photo: CHILEBEANS / CC, Flickr

The chopped up chocolate bar did not melt. The small pieces only softened. The result was a chocolate chip cookie. They were a big success.

Follow this simple recipe on the next page and make your own chocolate chip cookies.

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