B.C. Subway opens 400th restaurant


Manager Angela Alvano shows a Subway sandwich.
Photo by Ric Ernst, The Vancouver Sun

B.C. Subway opens 400th restaurant
Adapted from The Vancouver Sun and www.wikipedia.org
by Nila Gopaul, 2013, Level 2

Subway restaurants are successful in B.C.
Recently, the 400th Subway store opened in Vancouver.
The restaurant is near Rogers Arena.
An arena is an indoor sports place.
The Vancouver Canucks hockey team plays there.
It is a good place to put a Subway restaurant.
Many hockey fans are hungry before or after hockey games.
Subway stores are in 104 communities in B.C.
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Mary makes chapatis in Kenya


Photo by Nancy Carson
Mary Oluko in Kenya with one of her daughters.

Level 1 Mary lives in Kenya. Kenya is in east Africa. She has a son and two daughters. Mary has many friends. She likes them to visit her. I live in a small apartment in Mary’s yard. I am in Kenya for a few months to help teachers. I like to watch Mary cook. Sometimes I take pictures. Mary invites friends Today is Sunday. On Sundays Mary goes to church. But today she will not go. She is very busy. She invited seven friends to her home. Mary needs help to make lunch.

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Beaver tails


Beaver Tail! 
(Photo: WordRidden / CC BY 2.0, Flickr)

I Speak Canadian is a new occasional feature. We will introduce words and phrases often used by Canadians.

A beaver tail is the name
of a Canadian pastry.
It was first introduced in Ottawa.

It is a flat, flaky, fried pastry.
The dough is stretched
into the shape of a beaver tail.
Then, it is deep-fried.

Toppings are added,
such as maple syrup, powdered sugar
and cinnamon, or fruit.

Beaver tails are a very popular treat to eat at a summer fair.
You can make beaver tails at home!
Follow this recipe.