This week’s festivities: June 26-July 1


“Canada Day Suntan”
(Photo: Christopher Porter / cc, Flickr)

Canada Day is on Tuesday, July 1. Every community across BC will have a celebration. Check your local newspaper or watch for posters in your town.

There are also many other weekend events celebrating what Canada has to offer!

Click on the link below for a sample of things you can do with your family!

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National Aboriginal Day – June 21


Children preparing to dance
(Photo: Province of BC)

Adapted from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada website
Level 3

On June 21, we take time to learn more about aboriginal culture and history.

National Aboriginal Day is for all Canadians. Share in the celebration!
Take the National Aboriginal Day quiz here!

For more information, visit the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada website. Look in the “Culture & History” section.

For more ideas on how to celebrate this day, click the link below.

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