October is National Anti-bullying Awareness Month


A boy shoves another boy into a locker.
(Photo: iStockphoto)

Adapted from bullyingcanada.ca; thebullyproject.com;
and The Vancouver Sun by Nila Gopaul
Level 2

Bullying happens when a person or people
hurt or scare another person,
again and again.

Bullying is wrong.
Bullies want to make a person feel small and powerless.

Here are four examples of bullying:

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Today is Pink Shirt Day

Pink shirt day in a school Photo by energeticcity, Flickr

A Pink shirt day in a school
Photo by energeticcity, Flickr

Adapted from CBC News by Nancy Carson
A pink shirt
Level 1

It is 2007.  A boy wakes up early.
It is his first day of school.
He is excited.
He puts on his new shirt.
It is pink.

Read the PDF.
Listen to the story “A pink shirt” – Level 1
Reading by Nila Gopaul

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LSS: Getting help with abuse – Part 1


Submitted by Nate Prosser, Legal Services Society (LSS),
Edited by Nila Gopaul • Illustrations by Danette Byatt
Getting help with abuse – Part 1/6

WCR and LSS co-publish a series offering readers information about their legal rights in Canada.

Sally and Marsha are friends.
One day they meet.
They sit and talk.
Then Sally talks about her marriage.

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