Summer in BC

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We hope you will enjoy these videos and photos of summer activities in British Columbia.

Hot summer in BC by Beau Cyphre

Spend time on the beach

Spend time with friends

Have a coffee with friends

Have a picnic

Listen to music outdoors

Don't forget to wear your sunglasses

Take a quiet moment in the sun

Try out a kayak

Enjoy the summer flowers

Eat fresh vegetables

Go for a hike

Get out on the water

Go camping

Have a barbeque

Go for a walk in the woods

Go fishing

Enjoy the sun at the beach

Find things in the creek

Play in the fields

Spend time with friends

Enjoy the sunset


Vancouver wins again


Vancouver has warm winters.
(Photo: Mark Van Manen / PNG)

Adapted from The Province
Level 2

Vancouver won best city in Canada for 2014.

Every year a company studies cities.

They study the economy, politics, and environment.

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Walked the world

Jean Beliveau takes a rest Photo: Kilian Fichou, AFP, Getty Images

Jean Beliveau takes a rest
Photo: Kilian Fichou, AFP, Getty Images

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

Level 1
December 2011

Jean Beliveau was not a happy man.
He needed a change.
On August 18, 2000, Jean tied his shoes and said good-bye.
It was his 45th birthday.
Jean decided to walk around the world for peace.
And he walked, for 11 years.
He travelled 75,000 kilometres and through 64 countries.
Jean slept in jails, in deserts, on mountains and under bridges.
He lived with 1,500 families.
People were very kind to him.
Each year, his wife, Luce, met him.
“I was lucky, I’m still lucky, to have Luce,” Jean says.
In October, 2011, Jean came home to Canada.
He is now a happy man.

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