Quesnel, British Columbia

Map of Quesnel, Public Domain

Level 3
Quesnel, B.C., is part of the Cariboo District of British Columbia.
We stopped there on our road trip last summer.
It was a charming city with a population of about 25,000.

A hidden treasure
One of our favorite spots in Quesnel
was the Quesnel and District Museum.
It is tucked beside the Visitor Centre at 705 Carson Avenue.

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B.C. Road trip Summer 2012


Photo by Nila Gopaul
A map by the highway shows Lytton and the start of our trip.

The Westcoast Reader went on a road trip
to the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast in B.C.
Lytton was the beginning of our adventure north.

Lytton, B.C.
Level 3

The Westcoast Reader team took a road trip
in B.C. in the summer of 2012.
We got great information from B.C. guide books.
We asked friends what they knew,
and we also talked to travellers along the way.

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