International Women’s Day – March 8, 2015


Women hold signs and protest.                                                       Photo by Les Bazso/The Province

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Nila Gopaul
Level 2
On this day, people celebrate women’s equality
around the world.

Did you know that of the G20 countries,
Canada is rated the best country for women?
Germany is rated second;
Britain third;
Australia fourth;
France fifth and the U.S. sixth.

Saudi Arabia is rated eighteenth
and India is nineteenth.

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Olga, “Super Senior”

Olga Kotelko holds a trophy. / (Photo: Arlen Redekop / The Vancouver Sun)

Olga Kotelko holds a trophy.
(Photo: Arlen Redekop / The Vancouver Sun)

Level 1

Listen to the story Olga, ‘Super Senior'” – Level 1
Reading by: Jessica Heafey

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Dorothy Arey, a champion for 23 years

Dorothy Arey, at her retirement in 2010. Photo courtesy of Philipe Morin.

Dorothy Arey, at her retirement in 2010.
(Photo courtesy of Philipe Morin.)

Level 3
Adapted from the CBC website

For 23 years, Dorothy Arey was
a CBC radio announcer-operator.
She worked in a town called Inuvik,
which is in the western Canadian Arctic,
in Canada’s North.

Arey helped people keep in touch.
The main language in Inuvik is English.
But Arey was a champion
of her own language, Inuvialuktun.
Only about 400 people
still speak Inuvialuktun.
Some people in the area
also speak Gwich’in.
The CBC broadcasts an hour a day
in these two local languages.
Radio programs in their own language
help people feel connected.
They hear what’s happening
in the community.

Listen to the story “Dorothy Arey, a champion for 23 years” – Level 3 
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