International Youth Day 2014


International Youth Day is August 12
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“…[L]et us show that mental health matters to us all.”
-U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Today is International Youth Day.
It is a day when governments and others
can bring attention to youth issues.

The theme this year
is Youth and Mental Health.
A U.N. report shows that
20% of the world’s youth experience mental health issues.
The slogan this year is “Mental Health Matters.”

Too many youth suffer pain in silence.
Many people do not like to talk about their struggles.
But it is important to talk about it. It is important to listen.
There is help available for youth.

If you or someone you know need help, call the local crisis line.
In B.C., visit this link to find the help you need.

To learn more about youth around the world, visit the United Nations website.

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Successful foster kids: Robert Davidson – Audio

<b>Robert Davidson lost BC government support at age 19.</b><br />  (Photo: Ric Ernst / The Vancouver Sun)

Robert Davidson lost BC government support at age 19.
(Photo: Ric Ernst / The Vancouver Sun)

This is the third part of a series about successful foster kids.

Listen to the story “Successful foster kids: Robert Davidson” - Level 2 

Reading by: Patty Bossort

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Mini-farms sprouting at Delta schools


Students learn to build and maintain garden boxes.
(Photo: Mike Schneider)

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun
Level 3

Students in Delta schools are learning about farming. They grow, harvest, cook, preserve and distribute their own produce.

Project Pickle makes pickles.
Project Pickle started at Pebble Hill Elementary School in 2012. Their mini-farm was five raised garden beds.

Students planted 200 cucumber plants in June. They harvested 35 dozen cucumbers.
High school students showed the elementary students how to make pickles.

Read the PDF and do the exercise

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