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The front page – December 2014

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Adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Nila Gopaul
Special thanks to Quest Food Exchange

Quest helps
Level 1

Eddy Morten is blind. He cannot see.
He is also deaf. He cannot hear.

Eddy works at Quest.
Quest is the first food store in Canada
to have braille signs.

Braille is a way of reading and writing by touch.
A person touches raised dots.
At Quest, blind shoppers can shop easily.

A machine
There is a machine. It talks.
Shoppers hear the price.
They hear the name of the food.

One blind man said,
“I am 42 years old. I never knew there were yellow peppers.”

Listen to the story – Level 1
Reading by Jessica Heafey

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Photos by Nila Gopaul