The Westcoast Reader at the Vancouver Christmas Market


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Photo credit: Ana-Maria Gheorghiu

The Westcoast Reader was at the Vancouver Christmas Market.

The Market is a German-style event.
In Germany, Christmas markets are
a tradition of over 700 years.

Thousands of visitors come every year
to see the attraction.

At the Market, you can find delicious German foods,
handmade Christmas ornaments and wooden toys.

There is also a carousel and an area
with activities for children.

In the middle of the Market, there is a stage.
An orchestra plays music and, every day,
groups of singers come and sing Christmas carols.

You can buy one ticket and
use it to come back again,
as many times as you want.

The Christmas Market is located in Downtown Vancouver,
at 650 Hamilton Street.
It will be open until December 24th.

Learn a few German food terms:

If you plan to visit the Vancouver Christmas market,
these words will be helpful.

Stollen (pronounced “schtollen”) – a Christmas cake
with dried fruit and marzipan (almond paste)

Glϋhwein (pronounced “gluh-vain”) – boiled red wine,
with sugar, cinnamon, citrus and other spices.

Nudel – noodles or pasta

Waffel (pronounced “vafel”) – waffle

Bratwurst (pronounced “brat-vurscht”) – sausage

Brataepfel (pronounced “brat-epfel”) – a baked apple,
stuffed with nuts, jam or chocolate

Schnitzel – a piece of meat that is breaded and fried

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